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Myself Curiosity landed! Hurrah! 3 hours agoCommentLike


FBFriend A $2.4 Billion waste of tax payers money! Too many less fortunate people here on earth to worry about "possible" water,some form of life and carbon on a planet elsewhere. Even if those things exist who would that help us?' 2 hours agoLike

FBFriend ‎*how 2 hours agoLike

Myself Why shouldn't the human race expand and explore? 2 hours agoLike

FBFriend To ruin another planet? Why not fix our own planet before thinking to ruin another 2 hours agoLike

FBFriend Seriously how would that help us here? 2 hours agoLike

FBFriend Personally I've always felt NASA's(scientists) main objective is to discredit the theory of religion "God" 2 hours agoLike

Myself Don't make this about God. PLEASE. Earth will die, regardless of us trying to save it. The sun is expanding, and eventually, it will destroy earth. Our best hope is to reach out into the stars for safety. We have to start now if we want to know anything about deep space travel. Also, dude, WE SENT A PROBE TO MARS, 300 MILLION MILES AWAY, AND ARE GETTING HIGH RESOLUTION IMAGES! MARS! Does that not strike you as mother effing incredible? Lastly, worry more about the armed forces. NASA only represents .5% of the national debt. 2 hours agoLike

FBFriend Lol,I'm not the one claiming to have found the "God particle" ....yes it's Awesome we're capable of that! I'll Put it differently then, after DECADES of lunar exploration what have we found that can and will help us? As for the military debt I would give my last penny for our and others freedom 2 hours agoLike

Myself The God particle has nothing to do with NASA and it is just a name. It's really called the Higgs Boson, and it was given the term thanks to a book and media. Physicists hate the term and find it misleading. The Lunar Exploration was a space race against the Russians. Regardless, we wouldn't of been able to accomplish what we did last night without those missions and learning. Lastly, all I was saying is, NASA is an incredibly tiny dent when it comes to tax payers money. 2 hours agoLike

FBFriend Understood..., my point is the money used to find out "nothing" could be used here and now to better what we have,not 1 space exploration has found any usable info to better us or help us in any way or form! Come on 300 million miles away I fail to see a future in that I guess LOL especially when we have so much to learn about earth. 2 hours agoLike

FBFriend Don't get me wrong I love the space program myself but after decades of finding nothing it's time to start looking here 2 hours agoLike

Myself I agree with those points to a degree. Yes, we should worry greatly about Earth, but we should also look for alternates and be prepared in the event of a catastrophic event (like an asteroid, or the Sun's radiation). Going to Mars helps us learn about what we need to prepare for. It also helps us to better understand Alien worlds that will allows us to take those practices and use them on Earth. NASA had to create special machinery that was both light weight and durable. That can easily be used here on Earth. It's all a learning experience, and learning is more than half the battle. 2 hours agoLike

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